Have They Moved The State of Delaware?

So the hunt has been on for a few particular breeds of chicken to round out the layer flock for the new set of coops and runs. We’ve decided to get back into selling hatching eggs, shipped and locally, simply because it covers the cost of raising the chickens, and while it’s a pretty large pain in the tail, we’ve worked out the kinks that are the worst and gotten more efficient at it than most.

In past years, my sweetie had a nice small flock of the Delaware chicken breed. They’re fantastic brown egg layers, generally pretty hardly and decently tempered, and hatching eggs being shipped from the state of DE was always a bonus selling point.  They were aging out of layer age a few years ago when we sold them off at auction and moved to another breed.

A Delaware breed Rooster and Hen

So, one would think that, residing in the state of Delaware, they would be easy to find. I prefer to purchase birds, chicks, or hatching eggs directly from a breeder if possible. I like to put my eyes on the parent stock and know where they’re coming from. It’s an unfortunate fact that hatchery poultry is often (not always) a production based, watered down version of the breed. Not much attention is paid sometimes to culling out stock with recessive or undesirable traits.

This being Delaware, I would think the local chicken nuts would be veritably lousy with the little buggers. Not so. My search so far for anyone with local birds who is willing to part with any has come to a grinding halt. Am I really going to have to order Delawares by mail from flipping Idaho?  What nonsense is this?

Now, I have been able to find Delaware Blues, which are a game fowl. Eventually, I’d like to have a small batch of these as well, simply because they’re our state bird. (Which is odd, because they’re not even a native species to this COUNTRY) I’m kind of on the fence about this, though. Being a game fowl…well, they’re often purchased or bred for cockfighting, which I just don’t want to encourage or even indirectly be a part of. But they sure are pretty.

Delaware Blue Rooster

By Stilltim at en.wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia by SreeBot, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16656437







Have they moved the State of Delaware? We should veritably be covered up in both of these breeds, and you’d think I was searching for a rainbow colored unicorn that poops golden eggs and lollipops.




Author: The Fun E Farm

We're a family in a tiny map dot called Frankford, DE, on 8 acres. I read waaaay too many homesteading books and articles and my heart's definitely in the right place, although it's not always commensurate with the ages old battle between the ambitions of a mere human versus the time on one's hands and the capabilities they possess. This blog is designed to chronicle our search for sustainability and sanity (which I'm not quite sure we ever possessed to begin with), working with what we have and whatever else we can put our broke-ass hands on. Now the disclaimers: If things that happen on a farm offend you, (i.e. POOP, the use of food animals for (gasp) food, birth, death, hunting, fishing, the occasional use of colorful (to put it politely) language, the participation of tiny humans in all of the above) well, then, suffice it to say, this may not be the place for you to spend any leisure time. This blog is not intended to be an instructional tool on how to do things correctly. More often, I can assure you, it will be more of a shining example of the "stuff we tried that was an epic failure of disastrous and occasionally comedic proportions" variety. If you haven't clicked the little "x" at the top right yet, read on, brave soul! Welcome to our crazy family!

2 thoughts on “Have They Moved The State of Delaware?”

  1. I have 4 Delaware chickens. This is my first time raising chickens and they are very quiet and pretty calm. I have them in my backyard in the city and can only have 5 chickens in the city and I’m wanting to try out a barred rock from the local rural king that has very cute chicks. Too bad I’m not closer. If I got a chick i would need to give away a Delaware first

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