Meet The New Beauty

Hallelujah, she is here!  A moment six long years in waiting. I am beside myself and happier than if you just handed me a basket full of fuzzy puppies!


What I also am is utterly and completely exhausted. It’s been a ridiculously long day, but we finally got the left pasture bush hogged before dark. We definitely had to put this gorgeous girl to work straightaway.

Ryan found a fox den in two years worth of growth.


I would write more, but I have an appointment with my tub and a date with my pillow. Today is definitely (barring momentous family days) one of our happiest occasions here to date!



Author: The Fun E Farm

We're a family in a tiny map dot called Frankford, DE, on 8 acres. I read waaaay too many homesteading books and articles and my heart's definitely in the right place, although it's not always commensurate with the ages old battle between the ambitions of a mere human versus the time on one's hands and the capabilities they possess. This blog is designed to chronicle our search for sustainability and sanity (which I'm not quite sure we ever possessed to begin with), working with what we have and whatever else we can put our broke-ass hands on. Now the disclaimers: If things that happen on a farm offend you, (i.e. POOP, the use of food animals for (gasp) food, birth, death, hunting, fishing, the occasional use of colorful (to put it politely) language, the participation of tiny humans in all of the above) well, then, suffice it to say, this may not be the place for you to spend any leisure time. This blog is not intended to be an instructional tool on how to do things correctly. More often, I can assure you, it will be more of a shining example of the "stuff we tried that was an epic failure of disastrous and occasionally comedic proportions" variety. If you haven't clicked the little "x" at the top right yet, read on, brave soul! Welcome to our crazy family!

15 thoughts on “Meet The New Beauty”

    1. Thank you so much! Your chicken herding cracked me up! I feel your pain…I love keeping birds, but I get nervous being in the pens by myself. It’s quite silly, and I know it, but that doesn’t stop it. Glad I’m not the only one 🙂

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    1. I think it’s kits? Maybe? That I don’t know, because while my 8 yo, Captain No Fear, was happily standing thigh deep in the entrance to the critter cave, I was screaming for him to geeeettt ouuuutt, for fear that a rabid woodchuck or skunk or fox would come boiling out of there with an extreme attitude. My kids enjoy seeing me nearly have a stroke. It’s the family sport. 🙂

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  1. Being a farmer’s daughter and having grown up on a farm I can so relate to this excitement, I could literally feel it in your words and what a beauty she is. Sadly we only have 1.5 acres here in France and it doesn’t warrant a big tractor, although my husband would love one! Have a great Sunday

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    1. I grew up on 240 acres, which was mostly leased to people with shiny kazillion dollar, city-block sized John Deere combines and the like. One of those could not have made me happier than seeing this grand old lady unloaded yesterday! It only took an hour to do the left 2 acre pasture…that’s been an all day chore for me in years past. I am a little in love with our new mechanical marvel! ❤


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