An Hour Late and An Egg Short

With the chicken flock commencing the annual spring expansion a bit early and with the search for the new breeds we’ve decided on going halfway to well, we’ve been blowing through chicken feed a bit faster than usual. I also under budgeted this week by a hair, so cash is a little tight till Friday.

As we had some work to do yesterday at the homes of some regular egg customers, I set off to gather up several dozen of this week’s eggs and Tony caught and caged three of our spare “sale” roosters and put them in the truck. Some of our boss’s spanish and haitian tenants have been known to buy an occasional bird from Tony as he makes his rounds.

Anyway, I put eggs into cartons, and came up one short on the last dozen. I had already been over to the hens, and gathered the first eggs. So back I went. Of course, no one had yet cooperated. My feathered eating machines all heard me coming and were gathered expectantly at the door with heads cocked to the side. Like, look…here she comes again! Maybe she forgot she fed us already. Let’s play dumb. No dice, ladies.

We picked up a Black Copper hen and rooster from another farm this week, and she had yet to grace us with an egg. Not unexpected given the gloomy gray weather and the fact that we had relocated them.

So we stopped on the way out at our neighbor’s to reclaim a boat fuel tank and line he had borrowed and I had a stroke of genius. Neighbor has chickens, chickens lay eggs. For the first time in my life I borrowed an egg from, literally straight under the chicken. He’s a chatty fellow, so now we’re late, and have to run back to the house to get the carton of 11 eggs I can now fill thanks to one of his hens.

So we’re off…to Lowe’s, to return a 6×6 left over from a maintenance job. I sat in the truck. The contractor line at Lowe’s is not a good time for me. The three roosters, who had been quiet the entire ride, now decided it was an optimal time to have a crowing battle.  In a crowded parking lot. Sitting in a truck with three crowing full sized roosters in a cage will get you some very strange looks, my friends. Even in Sussex County.

We got through the day’s errands, picked up some feed to finish out the week and came home. On my afternoon rounds with Ryan, we did the Marans pen and out comes Ryan with this little beauty! Ah, well, I wouldn’t have sold that one as part of a breakfast dozen anyway. They are all being saved for the incubator.


The Marans egg next to a regular brown and a green Aracauna egg. I love the color. 




And, since even though the rain had (finally!) quit, everything was wet and yucky,  we couldn’t do anything much with cutting or anything tractor-related.  We elected to spend the last couple hours of the afternoon at a local bass pond.

Justin’s top catch of the day


I hope everyone had a productive and happy Tuesday!





Author: The Fun E Farm

We're a family in a tiny map dot called Frankford, DE, on 8 acres. I read waaaay too many homesteading books and articles and my heart's definitely in the right place, although it's not always commensurate with the ages old battle between the ambitions of a mere human versus the time on one's hands and the capabilities they possess. This blog is designed to chronicle our search for sustainability and sanity (which I'm not quite sure we ever possessed to begin with), working with what we have and whatever else we can put our broke-ass hands on. Now the disclaimers: If things that happen on a farm offend you, (i.e. POOP, the use of food animals for (gasp) food, birth, death, hunting, fishing, the occasional use of colorful (to put it politely) language, the participation of tiny humans in all of the above) well, then, suffice it to say, this may not be the place for you to spend any leisure time. This blog is not intended to be an instructional tool on how to do things correctly. More often, I can assure you, it will be more of a shining example of the "stuff we tried that was an epic failure of disastrous and occasionally comedic proportions" variety. If you haven't clicked the little "x" at the top right yet, read on, brave soul! Welcome to our crazy family!

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