Versatile Blogger Award



So, with our farm blog in its infancy, I was very surprised and pleased to have been very kindly nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by The Utopia Universe, which is a great place to go for your daily dose of positivity! If you don’t already follow, please hop on over and do so!

So, upon acceptance of this award, it’s requested that you compose a post outlining seven things readers or followers may not know about you. Mine follows below. ~


  1. I’m  a Mom to four phenomenal children, who are 26, 24, 17, and 8 years old, respectively. One girl and three boys in order of birth. They have also blessed me with, to date, six grandchildren, 5 of whom are girls, and 4 (all girls 6 and under) of whom belong to the man who stole married away my only daughter. (This karmically pleases me.) P.S. I have grown to adore and respect my son-in-law…but this was not always the way of things.
  2. In answer to the next question that age range usually brings…(an 18 year age range, My God, how does that happen?) The answers are – Catholic (recovering) , slightly crazy, and at one time overly fond of my tequila (also recovering).
  3. I confess to you now, I think I may have some hoarding tendencies and my home very often looks like a crime scene where several serious struggles have taken place.
  4. Although we grow livestock on our farm for meat purposes, I have never and will likely never participate in the “processing” of said critters, because I am a big wuss and can’t bring myself to do so.
  5. As anyone who knows me well can testify, I never, EVER, check my voicemail. Like, ever. Yes, really.
  6. I have an irrational fear of deer. Yes, like Bambi, yes, I’m serious. Yes, deer do kill people. Not often, but it happens, I promise. Look it up.
  7. I spend over half my life in pajamas. (No, I do not wear them in public, that’s gross. But as I work from home mostly…I consider it a perk.) There are times when I do not leave the farm for days and I can be found in pajamas 24 /7. (No, not the same ones, that’s gross too.)

So, now for the fun part. I get to spread the love across our blogosphere and nominate ten blogs and authors for this award. If you’ve been nominated, you’re under no obligation to accept or participate, but if you choose to, please do as I have above. Compose a post with seven items readers may not know about you. Then nominate ten blogs or authors you follow and enjoy for this award. Congratulations to, in no particular order:

Susan, Our French Oasis

Dana, Murphy’s Law Blog

Owlcatraz Farm

Lisa, Robinson Homestead

Raili SoulGifts

Teresa Eden Hills

K.M. Hillenmeyer Hillenmeyer Hill

Melody Donkey Whisperer Farm

Julie Dysfunctional Family Stories

Julie Little Red Brick Farm

There’s my list of just a few of my favorites! Please go check them out, if you don’t already follow! My thanks again to The Utopia Universe for the nomination. Hope everyone has a wonderful day, and happy blogging!





Author: The Fun E Farm

We're a family in a tiny map dot called Frankford, DE, on 8 acres. I read waaaay too many homesteading books and articles and my heart's definitely in the right place, although it's not always commensurate with the ages old battle between the ambitions of a mere human versus the time on one's hands and the capabilities they possess. This blog is designed to chronicle our search for sustainability and sanity (which I'm not quite sure we ever possessed to begin with), working with what we have and whatever else we can put our broke-ass hands on. Now the disclaimers: If things that happen on a farm offend you, (i.e. POOP, the use of food animals for (gasp) food, birth, death, hunting, fishing, the occasional use of colorful (to put it politely) language, the participation of tiny humans in all of the above) well, then, suffice it to say, this may not be the place for you to spend any leisure time. This blog is not intended to be an instructional tool on how to do things correctly. More often, I can assure you, it will be more of a shining example of the "stuff we tried that was an epic failure of disastrous and occasionally comedic proportions" variety. If you haven't clicked the little "x" at the top right yet, read on, brave soul! Welcome to our crazy family!

5 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. Gosh, I am quite overwhelmed, thank you so much for nominating me, what a fabulous surprise, and huge congratulations to you, I am not surprised you have been nominated, I love reading your posts and following life on the farm. Susan x

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  2. Hi, Thank you so much for first accepting this award, and secondly with four children farm and blog (which is interesting) grandchildren you certainly deserve this award, and last but not least thank you so much for your kind words regarding my blog, it is very appreciated, looking forward to your future posts


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