Liebster Award


I was once again pleasantly surprised this week with a wonderful nomination for a blog award, The Liebster Award! Again, with our farm blog still a newborn by most standards, it’s very gratifying to be nominated by one’s fellow bloggers for such things. I owe today’s thank you to Raili Tanska over at Soul Gifts – Telling Tales. She is amazing, talented and very supportive of my efforts at this whole blogging business, and you can just never tell what’s going to pop up on your reader from her!

And being a kindergartner at all this blogging stuff, I have to look up the “official” rules for things of this nature. There is a great post here by Lorraine Reguly that gives several versions of the actions to take if you’re nominated and choose to accept. Wording Well

Ok, so down to the award to-do list…

What drove me to start blogging? Well, a combination of things. I wrote for a small local paper for a couple years, which dissolved when its publishers up and moved to sunny FL and defected from our little realm here in the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware.I really miss them, they’re still among my dearest friends.  I missed writing.  Many friends have suggested I do so in recent years. Or, maybe they were just desiring that I give my rambling Facebook posts a fresh new home and quit clogging up their news feeds. At any rate, there are so many people these days trying their hand at backyard chickens, gardening and canning for the household, and attempting to be more proactive in the production of their own food or at least more conscious and aware of where it comes from. Every time we have an egg, livestock, produce or meat customer we deal with, it’s a new friendship formed and there are always lengthy conversations and questions and new things to learn from one another. Add that to the fact that my blog is like a living breathing journal of our efforts, and provides me with a level of accountability mentally.

Some of my absolute favorite things? Books. All sorts. I must admit that I’m a purist on some levels. I enjoy online reading as much as the next gal, but there’s something less satisfying about a tablet or kindle than the feel, smell, and sound of an actual book in your hands. I am a very fast reader, and will devour anything and everything. I once spent a year going through every single Nora Roberts book at my library (including the J.D. Robb series) Coffee. I’m an addict, I freely admit it. I do not function without the stuff, even my family knows better than to interact with me until the first cup is on board, and we murder coffeemakers frequently because they are constantly running. I figure I have given up enough vices, I will carry on my romance with the coffee. Anyone who suggests otherwise has clearly never had the joy that is dealing with an under caffeinated yours truly. It’s un-pretty.  First we drink the coffee, then we do the things. Movies. Mask with Eric Stoltz, Cher, and Sam Elliot. Dirty Dancing. Silence of the Lambs. Tarzan. (Disney one, the music is awesome)

Where would I like to visit? EVERYWHERE. I’ve traveled pretty extensively within the United States, but never outside of it. I’d love to see absolutely everywhere. From the savannahs of Africa to the frozen tundra in Alaska, to the tropical islands. Ireland. Scotland, England (Castles are on my wish list)  The jungles in the Amazon. Australia. Paris. I guess now I can put Cuba on the list too. If I had an unlimited budget and a caretaker for this place, I would Never. Stop. Traveling. My Dad and Stepmother once spent a year in an R.V. and visited every state in the continental US, Alaska, Canada and Newfoundland. We only knew their itinerary after the fact by the postcards. I was wickedly envious and so very proud. I’m so grateful they had those traveling days before we lost them both. Two of the hardest working people I have ever known, they deserved every bit of it and then some.

And now for my nominees!

  1. Tamtoes over at Down2earthmama : I enjoy very much reading about her family’s dreams of a small farm, and wish them the very best of luck in their endeavors!
  2. Debc at There a chick who is a fellow chicken herder, and I’m much enjoying the photographic and fun diary of the newest additions!
  3. Martha Mims at Virgin Homesteader It’s been nostalgic watching her recent incubator adventures…I’m wishing her wonderful luck with her hatch.
  4. Julie Brown at Dysfunctional Family Stories who makes me laugh regularly and uncontrollably. This blog is not for anyone with an allergy to wine or F-bombs, but it’s pretty hysterical if you’ve a tolerance for those.
  5. Hannah Simmons at The Scientific Stickleback whose first posts have been very engaging, and I love the science and research that are put into them!

And there you have it, now you nominees are under no obligation to accept, but if you do, please pass on the love across the blogosphere and I hope everyone has a happy and blessed holiday today!


Versatile Blogger Award



So, with our farm blog in its infancy, I was very surprised and pleased to have been very kindly nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by The Utopia Universe, which is a great place to go for your daily dose of positivity! If you don’t already follow, please hop on over and do so!

So, upon acceptance of this award, it’s requested that you compose a post outlining seven things readers or followers may not know about you. Mine follows below. ~


  1. I’m  a Mom to four phenomenal children, who are 26, 24, 17, and 8 years old, respectively. One girl and three boys in order of birth. They have also blessed me with, to date, six grandchildren, 5 of whom are girls, and 4 (all girls 6 and under) of whom belong to the man who stole married away my only daughter. (This karmically pleases me.) P.S. I have grown to adore and respect my son-in-law…but this was not always the way of things.
  2. In answer to the next question that age range usually brings…(an 18 year age range, My God, how does that happen?) The answers are – Catholic (recovering) , slightly crazy, and at one time overly fond of my tequila (also recovering).
  3. I confess to you now, I think I may have some hoarding tendencies and my home very often looks like a crime scene where several serious struggles have taken place.
  4. Although we grow livestock on our farm for meat purposes, I have never and will likely never participate in the “processing” of said critters, because I am a big wuss and can’t bring myself to do so.
  5. As anyone who knows me well can testify, I never, EVER, check my voicemail. Like, ever. Yes, really.
  6. I have an irrational fear of deer. Yes, like Bambi, yes, I’m serious. Yes, deer do kill people. Not often, but it happens, I promise. Look it up.
  7. I spend over half my life in pajamas. (No, I do not wear them in public, that’s gross. But as I work from home mostly…I consider it a perk.) There are times when I do not leave the farm for days and I can be found in pajamas 24 /7. (No, not the same ones, that’s gross too.)

So, now for the fun part. I get to spread the love across our blogosphere and nominate ten blogs and authors for this award. If you’ve been nominated, you’re under no obligation to accept or participate, but if you choose to, please do as I have above. Compose a post with seven items readers may not know about you. Then nominate ten blogs or authors you follow and enjoy for this award. Congratulations to, in no particular order:

Susan, Our French Oasis

Dana, Murphy’s Law Blog

Owlcatraz Farm

Lisa, Robinson Homestead

Raili SoulGifts

Teresa Eden Hills

K.M. Hillenmeyer Hillenmeyer Hill

Melody Donkey Whisperer Farm

Julie Dysfunctional Family Stories

Julie Little Red Brick Farm

There’s my list of just a few of my favorites! Please go check them out, if you don’t already follow! My thanks again to The Utopia Universe for the nomination. Hope everyone has a wonderful day, and happy blogging!